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Greg Gianforte: Out of Step with Montanans

Submitted by vsample on Sat, 2016-07-02 08:33

Montana’s outdoor heritage and outdoor economy are being threatened by wealthy landowners and private developers who want to take over our public lands and restrict public access.

The evidence is clear: Greg Gianforte filed a lawsuit against the State of Montana, seeking to eliminate a public access point to the East Gallatin River. The state even ordered him to take down the “intimidating signs and [a] gate” that blocked people’s access to the area. 

For years, Gianforte has funded dangerous organizations that pushed to privatize our public lands and eliminate our public access rights. 

Gianforte’s reckless agenda would devastate our outdoor heritage and outdoor economy.  Montanans can’t trust Greg Gianforte as governor. 


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