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Rosendale’s Vision For Women is Way Out-of-Touch with Montana Values

Submitted by vsample on Thu, 2018-07-12 06:29

Given East Coast developer Matt Rosendale’s habit of flip-flopping, playing political games, and misleading Montanans, his record on the issues from one day to the next is not always clear. But if there’s one thing Montanans can be sure of, it’s that Rosendale has repeatedly voted against the interests of Montana women.


Rosendale has been a consistent advocate for involving politicians in women’s personal health care decisions: championing regressive “personhood” legislation that could make several common forms of birth control illegal, pushing to defund women’s health clinics, threatening to rob 13,000 Montanans of their health care in the process, and voting to force Montana women to endure invasive medical procedures, such as mandatory ultrasounds.

This article was originally posted on the Montana Democrats website. To read the full article click on Rosendale and Women