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Montana's Budget Crisis

Submitted by vsample on Tue, 2017-10-24 09:24

From Andy Shirtliff - Small Business Advocate, State of Montana Office of Economic Development


My fellow Montana Democrats:

As you may be asware, the state is in a bit of a fiscal situation due to:

  • the most expensive fire-season in our state's recorded history
  • the budget passed by the Majority party with inflated revenue estimats

Despite ongoing partisan rhetoric by a handful of legislator's, the Governor and his staff are working closely with Republicans and Democratic legislative leadership to find a more responsible way to balance the budget.

The Governor only  has authority to balance the budget by making cuts, 85% of those in the area of the Department of Public Health and Human Services, Department of Corrections, and education. The State of Montana already operatores on a lead budget making it difficult, if not impossible to make any cuts without directory affecting services Montanas deserve.

The Governor has made very clear the majority of the cuts he would be forced to make if the Legislature does not work with him to find a better path would be irresponsible and would hurt Montanans and our economy.

Montanas deserve a bipartisian, responsible solution to the current budget situation. The Governor remains hopeful the Legislature will Join him in delivering that solution!

To read the Status Update on Balancing Montana's Budget issues by the Governors Office click on Status Update.