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Matt Rosendale on MT Insurance Increases:

Submitted by vsample on Sun, 2017-10-15 13:37

Helena – President Trump signed an executive order today that would gut insurance rules and undermine state insurance marketplaces.
The order would expand health plans offered by associations to allow individuals to pool together and buy insurance outside their states, something critics – who, according to the Washington Post, include state insurance commissioners – said will drive up costs for some consumers and may not be legal.
One state commissioner who is not speaking up? Matt Rosendale.
Rosendale’s job is to speak up on behalf of Montana’s families each year and keep the insurance companies honest when it comes to increases. But he hasn’t done much to speak up about the uncertainty in the health insurance marketplace, even after insurers told Rosendale they were going to increase premium rates because they were unsure the current health care law would still be in effect.

So now, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana is going to raise their average rate by 23 percent. If they knew the current health care law would stay in place, Blue Cross’s president said they would have an increase of less than 3 percent.

This article was originally posted on the Montana Democats website. Click on Matt Rosendale to read the full article.