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Republican led Montana Legislature hits new low

Submitted by vsample on Sat, 2017-03-18 10:32

Last week I was watching the news and saw a press conference where a committee chairman explained that not providing funding to help firemen injured fighting fires should not be construed as a slight to fireman.

I'm well into my 60s and have watched many political satires (movies, television shows, comedy skits, etc.) and this particular news conference could have been featured in any of those satires. I easily imagined Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd or even Eddie Murphy giving this news conference.

Basically speaking, the committe chairman said that the committee members value, admire and respect firemen for the work they do in dangerous situations. That the actions of the committee should in no way be construed as a slight to firemen. 

But, "They choose to do this line of work."  In other words, you are brave, hardworking men and women doing a dangerous job -- YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!

In a fair and just world, those committee members would get to see their houses and/or businesses literally go up in flames while firemen stood by and watched; then held a press conference the next day to say that their actions should not be construed as a slight to the committee member. They are valued and held in esteem -- BUT YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!

A few years ago volunteer fireman in Tennessee stood by and watched a house burn down because the home owner had not paid the fees to the voluneteer fire department. I think (at least I hope) our Montana fire fighters have Montana values and would NOT stand by and watch someone's house or business burn -- but in my heart I would not be upset if that happened to one of the committee members that "value and respect fire fighters".

Words are cheap but Montana Republican Legislaters are even cheaper!