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Anti-Access Gianforte would hurt Montana’s economy

Submitted by vsample on Fri, 2017-02-24 10:28

As Montana Republican legislators tabled a bill to prevent the sale and transfer of public lands, Montana outdoorsmen and women are reminded of the harmful economic impacts of the Montana GOP's and Greg Gianforte’s anti-public access agenda.

Montana Republicans in the state legislature blocked SJ 17 that would safeguard Montana's outdoor economy from the reckless scheme of transferring federal lands to the state.

What happened in the Montana Legislature underscores the importance of having a U.S Representative who will prevent the sale of our public land -- not work to block access.

“Montana’s outdoor economy is critical in creating thousands of good paying jobs,” said Nancy Keenan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. “Montanans need a voice in the U.S. House who stands with Montana’s sportsmen and women notsomeone like New Jersey millionaire Greg Gianforte whose controversial actions on public land access would hurt Montana’s economy."


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