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Corey Stapleton pledges to sell off our public lands

Submitted by vsample on Thu, 2016-11-03 14:18

he future of Montana's public lands should not rest in the hands of Corey Stapleton.

The Republican Secretary of State candidate, who has run unsuccessfully for other statewide offices in the past, once signed a conservative pledgethat called for, among other things, the transfer or sale of public lands.

“The undersigned Candidates pledge to work to restore all lands unlawfully seized by the Federal government, whether by congressional Acts, Rules, Laws, Decree, Executive Order, or any other means under color of law, to be returned to its rightful owners, the Sovereign Citizens of Montana.”

Stapleton not only signed the pledge, but he bragged about writing portions of it in 2012.

“The pledge says you have to try and do these things …” he said in 2012.

The idea of transferring or selling off Montana’s cherished public lands has long been criticized by conservation groups in Montana and elsewhere.


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