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Rob Quist Visits Broadwater County

Submitted by vsample on Thu, 2017-04-06 11:16

On Tuesday April 4 the Democratic candidate for the House Representative seat visited with Broadwater County Democrats at a Townsend restaurant. Rob spoke about his view of the issues Montanans face and his position on the issues. Rob is a native Montanan and has faced the same issues financially, environmentally and socially that most Montanan's have faced and contrasted that with those of Greg Gianforte - a New Jersey native and billionaire.

After speaking, Rob opened the meeting up to a question-and-answer session where he fielded questions about his positions, why he is seeking the office and campaign challenges running against a billionaire with basically an unlimited financing.

Regarding the "attack ads" run by the Gianforte campaign against Quist, Rob stated that he constantly advises people to do the research to find the truth, uncover who is sponsoring the ad and to "follow the money".

Rob was very open and up-front about his financial problems and the underlying health issues that caused the problems. He feels that many Montanans have faced similar problems and many more are one health problem away from facing the same problems. He feels very strongly that Montanans need to continue to have access to AFFORDABLE Health Care and will work to see that Montanans will have health care available to them without enriching the insurance companies.

After the meeting Rob stayed to interact with the attendees and to discuss the issues with them individually. He posed for numerous photos with everyone at the event.

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